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Alexa Giufre – B. Psych Science, Post Grad Psychology, Master Psychology, Registered Psychologist

Psychologist, Gold Coast Hi, my name is Alexa and I am the psychologist at Sacred Ground on the Gold Coast. I hold a Bachelor, Postgraduate Diploma, and Masters of Psychology, as well as specialist training with families and children. I work with a wide range of children, adolescents, adults, and families around diverse relational, social and behavioural issues.

All psychologists practice differently. I work from a holistic approach of understanding how emotional issues have contributed to challenges for the person and/or family system. I am also interested in how mindfulness and assertiveness practices can influence your communication and emotional expression, as a helpful way of accessing your needs and supporting yourself.

I love working with children and families, having spent the past few years working closely with children around school, social and relationship challenges. My own philosophy and life direction are largely influenced by values of honesty, respect, connection, and kindness. Not only are these very important in my personal life but also in the way I practice and interact with my clients. They influence my approach to healing as a psychologist, seeing each client as unique and driven by an aim to work alongside you to achieve long-term change. For me, this also involves following the client’s lead in the direction and course of the sessions to what naturally unfolds for them. I undertake this in a way where the client feels completely accepted, through connecting with you in your world, through your language and from your perspective we work together to create the desired change.

When I am not at work, I enjoy the ocean, meditation, art, and experiencing new and different cultures. I like to connect with nature in my down time, such as walking along the many beautiful coast lines the Northern Rivers and Gold Coast have to offer.

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