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Shekinah Leigh, Kahuna Massage Therapist

KaHuna Massage, Yoga, Gold Coast

Hi, I am Shekinah, KaHuna bodywork therapist at Sacred Ground on the Gold Coast, Queensland. I am certified in KaHuna Bodywork, Yoga Instruction and am a "Rites of Passage" Mentor. At Sacred Ground I support women to embrace their true feminine energy through amazing, nurturing, yet powerful, KaHuna massage.

As a mother, daughter and lover I understand the many challenges that women face. I believe I can provide you with a safe and sacred space to 'let go' and embrace your unique feminine energy, because I have journeyed through the realms of control, repression of emotions and surrender myself.

Drawing on my knowledge and practice of Native American Teachings, Hawaiian Shamanism and the Yogic traditions I guide my clients in connecting with their physical, emotional and spiritual bodies to release and create flow. It is my intention to provide women with a strong and safe space for transformation & healing at a deep & cellular level.

My style of massage incorporates music, movement, energy work and the spirit of Aloha (love), to unblock tight areas and promote flow as the body is stimulated on all levels. I aim to leave you feeling balanced, grounded and reintegrated like no other massage you've experienced before!

All that I do comes from my heart's desire to honour, embrace, celebrate and empower the feminine within.

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