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Sue Shepherd – Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, Cert. Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy, Cert. Medical Hypnotherapy, Cert. Advanced Regression & Past Life Techniques, Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist

Past Life Therapy, Gold Coast Hi everyone, I am Sue and I have been transforming lives through hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and past life regression for 20 years. I like to think of myself as someone who continually strives to be the most honest, true, authentic self I can be, to love myself more each day and work toward living my greatest purpose.

My desire to be authentic and connect deeply with source has allowed me to become strong, powerful and loving. I have a philosophy of: "The more I listen, the more I hear, more than I could possibly have imagined", and "when I am free from judgement, I am open to receiving so much more knowledge and insight".

I am an adventurer by nature, love being outdoors riding my bike, walking the beach or travelling to exotic places. This goes for my mind and spirit too, blending learning into holidays, such as going to India for six weeks to do Yoga teacher training, onto to Dharam Shala to spend time with the Dalai Lama. The colours, music and culture of countries like India are so unique and exciting and allow me to bloom with greater vibrance.

I help my clients become more confident, loving and creative, building a life reaching its highest potential. By having an empathetic ear, and opening up doorways to access and express what is blocking their progress, I support people moving forward in a way both beneficial to themselves and others in their own time.

I really love working with people who are willing to heal and are open to the possibility and potential of all they can be. I believe embracing love and compassion leads to greater truth. When we realise we are all part of one amazing connected community, we understand we are all part of the source of life, and we know we are here to support and love each other, working together to bring joy and wellbeing, with awareness, responsibility and understanding for self and others. I would love to connect with you in your uniqueness and authenticity, support you to be connected, heal any past wounds and return to your wholeness through a gentle and compassionate process.

With love, Sue

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