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Wendy Rice – Client Reception and Vibrational Sound Practitioner

Vibration Sound Healing, Gold Coast A warm hello! My name is Wendy and I feel so blessed being part of the team here at Sacred Ground wearing two hats. I am here to welcome you as Client Reception and I am also a Gold Coast Vibrational Sound Practitioner, sharing healing sound for small groups and individual attunements.

I love being part of the healing energy, genuine warmth and caring that is bestowed on everyone who enters this sacred space. I believe our human life is a spiritual journey and I feel very fortunate to have found my passion with vibrational sound healing, helping people to relax and go within and then hearing how this has benefited or moved them in positive ways.

I play some beautiful instruments including unique Japanese singing bowls with sustained harmonic overtones. They can be used directly on the body to calm, gently harmonise and balance the body's vibration and energy system. The pure resonant tones created by my bowls make them the perfect tool to help anyone relax and experience deeper levels of calm and stillness, as can be reached through meditation.

I am a certified practitioner of my Japanese singing bowls, taught directly by their creator, Sion Kazu. I have also completed a Certificate of Sound and Music Healing with Christine Morrison at the Australian Academy of Sound and Music Healing held in Perth and Central Australia and am accredited with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies.

Bringing this ancient modality into the 21st Century is an honour. I can see it's the perfect time with our hectic lives, daily stresses and anxieties. My goal is to help clients to slow down, connect within, feel calmer, clearer, more centred and grounded and at peace, ultimately to feel happier.

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